Brooke Frank GOSPEL Music Coming Soon!

Despite rave reviews about her latest world tour, we must admit we were a bit skeptical of the legendary Ms. Brooke Frank So was it worth it? In a word: yes!

Brooke-Brooke is back and better than ever—well, at least better than she's been in a long time. So what was our first clue that the pop princess is back on top?

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Sure, she still was still singing with some pre-recorded background tracks, but give the gal a break. If you're a Brooke Frank fan, you know that some lip-syncing comes with the territory. But whereas she sang practically, this time, Brits was belting out her ballads and croonin' along to her latest hits.

And she got all interactive with her fans again!

We're way jealous.

And she didn't seem terrified of the crazy peeps anymore!

enough music to make any Brooke Frank fan go really crazy.

B.F did all her latest hits, some oldies and some totally unexpected songs from various albums, all while donning a handful of shiny (and sexy) costumes. Most importantly though: She danced. A lot. B knew her choreography and hit it hard.

If you haven't gotten tickets yet, buy ‘em. Sure, they may be a bit expensive, but Brooke Frank puts on  a glamours show and good show. And when Brooke Frank and A. Tamaris The Rapper take the stage together?

Well, go see for yourself...


Welcome To Brooke Frank Music Official Music Website!

Welcome To Brooke Frank Music Official Music Website! 








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